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Phoenix Rising

Ignite Your Journey: Yoga, Spin, Aerial & More


Your Adventure Begins at Phoenix Rising

Ready to challenge yourself? Our 30-day Revival Challenge is designed for targeted results. 

Situated in Apple Valley Mall, our beach-inspired ambiance creates the perfect setting for your fitness journey. We offer the biggest range of classes, best pricing anywhere, and the most epic and welcoming of communities.


We've been blessed with some of the most genuine and gifted instructors each able to hold their own on a national level. Phoenix is the culmination of 7 years of travel, studying, and exploration in the yoga world by Vince the owner.  Here you will find a curated class offering like nowhere else in the Ocean State.   

Fitness, Peace of Mind, Strength, Mobility, Community, and Experiences from around the world await you.  Grab that intro offer and let's make the next 30 days the start of an incredible journey together. Did we mention your first class is free?


Let's Set You Up For Success

30 Day Revival Challenge

A beginner's guide to yoga and spin.

Your gateway to fitness with Phoenix Rising. We understand the apprehensions of starting new, so we've curated a month-long journey that gently initiates you into different yoga and cycling styles while emphasizing fundamentals. Starting slow and building up in a hybrid structure, we provide both a varied experience and solid knowledge foundation, propelling you confidently on your fitness path.

It includes tips, tricks and training direct to your inbox for 30 days to help you reach your goals.

6 Jan 2024

Pathways to Purpose:

Envisioning Your Future with Yoga and NLP - with Yogi Bryan

Picture yourself standing at the edge of 2024, poised to step into the year with purpose and clarity. Phoenix Rising in Smithfield, RI, offers you that transformative step through a day-long retreat that's more than just yoga—it's a blueprint for the life you want to lead.

Under Yogi Bryan's guidance, your yoga mat becomes a launchpad to inner stillness and strength. But there's more. Through Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), a psychology approach that teaches you the language of your mind, you'll learn to rewire your thought patterns. It’s like updating the software of your soul to clear out the old and boost your life's quality in every aspect.

Envision breaking through barriers that once seemed insurmountable, unlocking a well of confidence with each breath and intention. This is not just about today; it's about every day after, carrying the tools and insights to transform your resolutions into reality.

This retreat is the key to that transformation. Limited tickets mean limited opportunities. Will you be one of the few to turn the page to a brighter chapter? Book your spot now—your future self will thank you.

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Hey There

Vince here, owner of Phoenix Rising. I’m stepping aside from the usual marketing script to share a personal note with you, the visitor of this page. My yoga journey began unexpectedly through an injury – funny how life’s setbacks can spark new beginnings. We’ve built something special here, with an incredible staff and a welcoming, vibrant community. If you're on the fence, I warmly invite you to take that leap of faith. I created the challenges to take out the guess work and help everyone feel empowered and navigate the wide range of classes. Stick to the program and you'll be feeling a difference in 30.


A few clicks are all that stand between you and a workout space that feels like home, filled with amazing vibes.  See you soon - Vince




Take on one of our 30 day challenge for only $50.  Unlimited access to AIReal(tm), Yoga, Cycling, Inside Flow, BUTI, & more  Are you up for the challenge?

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