The best project you'll ever work on is you.

Hey! My name is Vince, I'm the owner of Phoenix Rising and as a military veteran who came into yoga after a snowboard injury and being one of the least flexible people out there I can tell you, yoga helps. That my friend is why I have built this studio.​

 Our goal here is to help you live a better life off the mat by practicing on it. I've been blessed to have gathered a truly amazing team of instructors. Not only do they have an immense depth of knowledge and experience, but they care for their students and our community.

The question is not if yoga is for you, the question is which style best fits your goals.  Being aware of that we offer a unique $30 for 30 intro offer in studio.  Allowing you to truly try us out and find what works best for you.  

So book your first class, or stop by and visit us in the Smithfield Crossings for a chat.  We can't wait be a part of your adventure.




We believe that the physical practice of yoga can serve as a springboard for a more enriching life off of the mat. We also believe that yoga truly is for everyone, it's just a matter of finding the right practice to compliment your lifestyle and goals." Our 30 for $30 intro offer is designed to let you try out a few classes and find the one that best suits you.



Investing in your health and wellbeing has never been easier. Being a 2nd Wind partner studio allows us to have some competitive pricing and if you choose to be a VIP member you'll save big on events, retreats, and gear in the shop!



Passionate, Diverse, and Vested in the well being of our community is how you could describe our team here. It is these qualities that help us build an amazing community with our students that empowers you for life off the mat.

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If it makes you more excited than afraid you should do it" -- Vincent Brown owner founder of Phoenix Rising & 2nd Wind Health.