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Aerial 50
Yoga Teacher Training

This Training Has Completed!  Congrats to all our recent grads.  Next training will be announced soon.  Get on the wait list save $100 when it is!

Hybrid Learning

Access digital training material within 48 hours.  The Hybrid model allows us to spend less time in our books and more time in the skies.

Creative Freedom

Learn to craft captivating sessions effortlessly with ready to use lesson plans, sequence breakdowns, and more.

Exclusive Benefits

Gain special access and pricing for live events and further educational opportunities, enriching your practice and teaching repertoire.

Open to All

Whether you are a yoga teacher looking to specialize in a new style, or the enthusiast looking to deepen their practice.  This training is within reach.

Accredited Excellence

Achieve Continued Education Credits with Yoga Alliance, affirming your commitment to lifelong learning and professional development.

Comprehensive Learning

Immerse yourself in 148 educational videos spanning 25 hours of content, coupled with 28 hours of in person training.

Discover the magic of Carmen Curtis

Treated Silk
Carmen Curtis Aerial Yoga

Carmen Curtis, Aerial Yoga Pioneer and Visionary Choreographer

Unparalleled Expertise: Dive into the depths of aerial yoga with its founder, gaining authentic insights and skills from a seasoned gymnast and aerial artist.
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