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 Embracing Progress, Not Perfection


Hello! I'm Vince, your not-so-average yogi. I'm the guy who celebrates the small victories, like touching my toes – which, by the way, is no small feat. My yoga adventure began not in a serene studio but on a snowy slope, with the snap of an arm and a snowboard injury. That setback became a catalyst, transforming yoga into my tool for living fully, healing my body, and enhancing the activities I cherish.


I'm not here to perform gravity-defying handstands or breathtaking splits. My philosophy is simple: yoga meets you where you're at. It's about tuning into your body's rhythm and learning to play the unique symphony of your being. With a focus on corrective exercise science and functional movement, I guide my students toward discovering balance, strength, and fluidity – all while syncing breath to movement.


At Phoenix Rising Yoga & Wellness, tucked in the heart of Smithfield, we're more than a studio; we're a sanctuary where each person is seen and supported. Our essence? Think beachside ease with the warmth of a backyard gathering. We stand firmly on our mats, offering a plethora of classes that cater to everyone, from the robust power yogi to the graceful aerial enthusiast, and we delight in the diversity of our tribe.


Beyond the studio walls, I dream of wellness as a holistic journey. Imagine reaping the rewards of your practice in lush retreats or finding the zen in your 9-to-5. Our community extends into every facet of life, cultivating resilience, fostering deep connections, and encouraging a mindful existence.


My path has been unexpected – from creating world-renowned yoga mats to crafting this vibrant community. It's a path marked by gratitude and constant growth, informed by a symphony of inspirational souls I've met along the way. I'm dedicated to personal evolution, both as an instructor and as a perpetual student of life and yoga.


I remain fervently dedicated to learning, growing, and sharing the wisdom that each day brings. I'm an instructor who takes pride in his craft, yet I shine brightest as a student among my peers – ever eager to absorb, to improve, and to pass on the knowledge.


So whether you're a seasoned yogi or new to the mat, I invite you to Phoenix Rising. Join us for an experience that goes beyond the physical and becomes a part of your grand adventure.


Let's flow together – your journey starts here.


Inclusivity is our cornerstone; we've crafted memberships and trial periods with the belief that financial barriers shouldn't hinder anyone's wellness journey. Whether it's through our signature Healthy Aging class or the energy-infused BUTI and cycling classes, there's a space here for you.


Looking ahead, I envision Phoenix Rising expanding, offering our peace and empowerment to more souls, and nurturing the growth of our incredible instructors and staff. We're on an upward trajectory, together.

Valerie Howe


Meet Valerie Howe - not only is she our in-house studio manager, but she's been an integral part of Phoenix Rising since before it even existed! With her infectious energy and passion for yoga, Valerie is one of the driving forces behind our community.

Join Valerie for one of the best BUTI yoga classes on the East Coast, or check out her Healthy Aging or Vinyasa classes. With years of experience on and off the mat, Valerie brings a wealth of knowledge and positive energy to every practice.

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Yoga is often intimidating to many. Phoenix Rising seeks to bridge the gap between what you see on social media and what is real life.  We focus on getting the most out of each of our member's individual practice to suit their unique goals.

We can't wait for you to join the crew, sweat with us, and be a part of our family.
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We look forward to seeing you on your mat

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