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Discover Limitless Wellness with Phoenix Infinite Pass!

Dive Deep into Smithfield’s Premier Yoga & Wellness Experience

Your Fitness Journey: The Challenge & Phoenix’s Solution

Traditional Fitness Memberships Fall Short:

The journey to a fitter self can be littered with expensive memberships and limited class choices, leaving many feeling trapped and unfulfilled.​

Phoenix's Holistic Approach to Wellness in Smithfield, RI:


The Phoenix Infinite Pass is more than just a membership—it's an invitation. An invitation to a community that offers the widest range of classes in RI, with prices that are a breath of fresh air. Our $129 membership is a staggering $40 less than local cycle studios and $60 less than comparable yoga studios. Dive in, and discover a world where value meets versatility.

The Phoenix Advantage: Benefits Beyond Fitness


Achieve Comprehensive Wellness in Smithfield with Phoenix: With Phoenix, you're not limited to just one kind of fitness. From the soulful rhythm of Buti to the grace of AIReal Yoga, there's always something new to discover.

Your pass gives you access to Smithfield's Top Yoga, Cycling, and a myriad of classes. - Pilates, Yoga, Mindful Flow, AIReal Yoga, Aerial Dance, Cycling, Buti, Inside Flow, R3Bar, and more.

Answering Your Questions: Making the Right Fitness Choice in Smithfield

Is the membership really worth it?:

With the Infinite Pass, you don't just get unlimited classes - you get variety, savings, and a community that uplifts at every step.

I'm new to fitness; will this be too overwhelming?

At Phoenix, every journey is unique and cherished. Whether you're just starting out or deepening your practice, our wide range of classes ensures there's something for everyone.

Our Promise: The Phoenix Risk-Free Experience

We believe in the value we offer. If you feel Phoenix isn't for you, cancel anytime with 30 days notice.  Compare our 2 month commitment with the one year contracts, complicated cancellation terms and breathe easy.

The Time is Now: Join Smithfield's Best Wellness Community

Step into a world where fitness meets community, and savings embrace quality. With Phoenix, the sky's the limit. Elevate your wellness journey with the Phoenix Infinite Pass. Act now, and be part of a community that truly cares.


Unlimited Cycling Classes

Enjoy access to all the cycling classes you want.  We even have some virtually led classes in house offering classes throughout the days to fit your schedule.

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Unlimited Yoga, Pilates, & More

Yoga to bring the peace, Pilates to bring the sizzle, BUTI yoga to jam out! Different movement based classes for every day of the week.  

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Bring a friend

Bring a friend with you once each month to any class as long as there is room available. Solid low key flex.

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