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200 Hybrid YTT

Jan 7th 2024  - May 4th 2024


Dive into a transformational blend of in-person and virtual training. Engage in 40 hours of immersive, hands-on training over five weekend days in Smithfield, complemented by extensive online self-paced learning.

Join Vince and the esteemed Phoenix Rising team for an innovative offering: A 200-hour YTT enhanced with a 50-hour AIReal yoga certification. This program is steered by the global AIReal yoga luminary, Carmen Curtis.

Our carefully designed in-person sessions in Smithfield focus on vital aspects of yoga that benefit most from face-to-face interaction. Delve deep into intricate anatomy, dynamic sequencing, interpreting physical cues, adjusting poses for varied abilities, and unraveling the multifaceted world of AIReal yoga.

With the majority of the curriculum being online, trainees benefit from flexibility, allowing them to integrate the learnings at their own pace, from anywhere. This format is perfect for aspiring yogis located in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and the surrounding areas seeking high-quality training without the constant commute.

Under Vince's guidance, students receive personalized mentorship, setting them on a path towards a balanced yoga teaching career. Throughout your educational journey, enjoy complimentary membership access to Phoenix Rising studio classes, enriching your practice and teaching foundations.

Concluding with detailed evaluations, graduates earn prestigious certifications from  Yoga Alliance, and AIReal Yoga. And, as a testament to our commitment to world-class education, Carmen Curtis herself will be gracing our concluding sessions, offering in-depth insights into AIReal Yoga.

Yoga & AIReal Yoga Certification

White Sands

Three Pillars

What Sets Us Apart


It's easy to get swept up in the "hype" of travel, yoga, and wanderlust.  

But we believe these are all just side effects, afterthoughts to the positive impact you set to make in the world.


Knowledge is power, we will make sure you have a deep understanding of the body, of flow, and how to adapt movement.  By the time you complete training you will feel confident guiding students of any level.


"Love is in the AIR" We will arm you with the right tools to be successful, but we will emphasize to lead with the heart.  AIReal is unique in it's ability to unlock allot of emotions & craft a deeper experience.

*Payment plans are available, and you can stretch it over a year.  Letting you extend past our start date.

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  • As soon as your purchase your seat you will get access to the digital content within 48 hours and can begin training.

  • Upon purchase we will set you up with free membership at the studio effective January.

  • Jan 6th Feb 4, 10 Mar, 21 Apr, 4 May are our in person dates at the studio.

  • You will get a free yoga mat, blocks, yoga wheel, and strap compliments of my yoga company 2ndWind

  • 4 Classes in person - We will work on reading the room, identifying pain points in students, modifications, integrating props, creating a safe space, discovering your teaching style, creative and intentional sequencing and of course AIReal.

  • One immersive weekend of AIReal training with creator and founder Carmen Curtis herself.

  • If you miss an in person, you can continue to press forward with Virtual, you must not miss more than two or you will be dropped from the program.

  • 4 professional photos. Photo day! Yay

  • Community Weekend.  A weekend of free classes all taught by each of you!  Don't stress you'll be more than ready!


Are You Ready?

If you are brand new to yoga, but looking to learn, or if you have been practicing for years.  Our program is setup so that we can meet you where you are to get you to where you want to be.


The Hybrid model allows us to revisit material until we feel confident, it also frees up our staff to have time to work with you individually when needed. 


If you have the desire, the grit, and the passion then you are ready.  


I personally never planned on taking yoga this far, but the impact it has made in my life, my travels, my business, all pale to the impact it's made in the community.  I encourage you to take the step, you'll be amazed at how far you can go. - Vince

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