Let's have some fun and do epic shit.

The CDC recommends that everyone have some fun once in a while. Safely, but not so safe that they don't make their family members slightly concerned.  Join us for a workshop or on a retreat.  Whether we are catching waves, a sun tan or working on a handstand, it's always a good time.

Self Defence Training

November 19th

Womens Self Defense - Kelly Assad

Members only this free class is in partnership with American Martial Arts center of Smithfield.  Sign up online and save your spot. Limited availability!

December 7th

Full Moon Ceremony

Celebrate the full moon, welcome the changes coming and honor things past.  Spark that inner fire and set yourself up for success in the months to come. 

Full Moon

Sep 1st - 9th 2023

Bali, Indonesia
Yoga Festival & Retreat

Some trips can spend a lifetime in the bucket list, but this doesn't have to be one of them.  Eat amazing food, enjoy a cacao ceremony, ecstatic dance, flow with Vince but also some of the local instructors.  Three Shalas, including one for AIReal overlooking the ocean.  This trip will be one for the ages.

Reservations available soon, pricing for 8 nights starting at approx. $2500 p.p all included.

Yoga for Complete Beginners

Free class hosted by Vince

In this class you get a huge advantage that I didn't have.  You get to go through and learn a handful of common poses you will see often in any Yoga class. 

We'll work through the poses but more importantly we'll understand the point of each one.  Why we are doing it, and how to adapt the pose for your personal practice. 

I did things wrong for years based on just trying to "make the shapes".  If you are new to yoga or even been practicing, you are invited to join and truly see that Yoga is for any body type.


Vincent Brown - 200 YTT, AIReal yoga instructor, BUTI instructor, R3bar instructor. Owner, Founder, and still has tight hips and can't touch his toes. But that's cool because he isn't an Instagram Yoga model


June 18-26 - TBD 

Mammoth Lakes, CA
Yoga Festival & Retreat

This one is all about just hanging with our community and taking classes from some of the best instructors the around.  Concerts, Hiking, Hot Springs, and rushing waterfalls.  

We have limited spots to come and stay with Val.  The price includes your 4 day pass, a place to stay, and dinner each night.  Cooked at home!  The ticket for a 4 day pass is $400 alone.  Fly with Val or Vince and catch a ride to Mammoth!