Let's have some fun and do epic shit.

The CDC recommends that everyone have some fun once in a while. Safely, but not so safe that they don't make their family members slightly concerned.  Join us for a workshop or on a retreat.  Whether we are catching waves, a sun tan or working on a handstand, it's always a good time.


Mar 26-27

Handstand Workshop - $170
w. Kyle Weiger

Kyle is an internationally recognized handstand coach and takes pride in being one of the best in the business.  Learn the fundamentals, the drills, and unlock the secrets to the perfect handstand in this 2 day workshop

April 16th

Inside Flow - $50
Rebecca Rasmussen

Music is the driving force of Inside Flow and how its choreographed sequences are built. Moving from one posture to another, we focus on the movement between the postures, uniting the breath, rhythm, and flow. Step into your authentic power through this invigorating practice and connect to the beating heart that lives inside of you.

DSCF0045-1 copy.jpg
Image by Joshua Sortino

June 13-20 - Prices Vary

Mammoth Lakes CA - 
Yoga Festival & Retreat

Explore Mammoth Lakes, and the sierra mountain range in the Spring.  We will go on local hikes and excursions 13th to 16th and then enjoy the Mammoth Yoga Festival.  Practice 4 times a day with world class instructors, enjoy a complimentary E-bike to get around, and a continental breakfast every morning.  

Image by Zdeněk Macháček

July 9-16

COSTA RICA - OSA Peninsula

Let's replace pigeons with parrots.  Starbucks with local fresh coffee.  Mc Donald's with a master chef and busy cars with a bustling jungle.

The sounds of your alarm clock are now birds and monkeys, and the traffic is now waves crashing.