Hello Sunshine!

My name is Vince, I'm not a hyper flexible yogi, I can't hold a hand stand whilst I wait for the tea kettle to boil, and I can't do a split, but I can touch my toes and that's a big deal.  

My yoga journey started with a snowboard injury, but negatives often become positives, for me yoga became a springboard and a tool to do the things I love better, longer, and reduce risk of injury. I started practicing and then making yoga mats - 2nd wind is my company maybe you've seen a mat around! 


I hit festivals, met some of the coolest people around, hung in hot springs and made amazing friends as I traveled around. I was so stoked I ended up building this studio to share those vibes with you!  

Here you'll find many different types of yoga and a dash of some group fitness classes.  Here you'll find the exactly what you need whether yoga is your main focus or the addition to your other training. First class is on me, so come on in, and don't be worried it's going to be epic.

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Phoenix Rising Yoga RI 

Phoenix Rising is located in the Apple Valley Plaza in Smithfield.  Our yoga studio is proud to serve Johnston, Smithfield, Lincoln, and the local area. 

We aren't your typical yoga studio, nope we are comprised of some of the most EPIC instructors around, and our students are from all paths of life, on different fitness journeys, and have different goals.  One things everyone has in common... genuine appreciation and care for the progress of one another!

We know that stepping into a yoga class, or any fitness class for the first time can be intimidating, and depending on where you are and what you are looking for what's best for one may not be best for the other.  Because of that we offer a range of group classes that all compliment one another.   There are classes for recovery, classes for building strength, classes for mobility, and some that will really get that heart rate up and get the sweat pouring.

When you walk into the door we know you'll feel at ease, simply because we are all chill here! The team  genuinely want to help you out and any instructor can put together a suggested class schedule for you so that you avoid classes that may not be your pace, or may be out of reach while lining you up for success and growth utilizing the others.

Beyond the studio, we have yoga retreats, we are the home of the only Boat Yoga in Rhode Island, and we are (in my opinion) the coolest thing since sliced bread!  So come through score your $40 trial pass if you haven't already and let's start your adventure! 

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Your first class is on yours truly, and our 30 for $40 offer is there to set you up for success.  Whether it is here at our studio or wherever your path may take you from here.  So click the button and let's start the adventure today.