Hello Sunshine!

My name is Vince, I'm not a hyper flexible yogi, I can't hold a hand stand whilst I wait for the tea kettle to boil, and I can't do a split, but I can touch my toes and that's a big deal.  

My yoga journey started with a snowboard injury, but negatives often become positives, for me yoga became a springboard and a tool to do the things I love better, longer, and reduce risk of injury. I started practicing and then making yoga mats ranked as some of the best in the world by Yoga Journal!  Pretty wild for a Rhode Islander!


I hit festivals, met some of the coolest people around, hung in hot springs and made amazing friends as I traveled around. I was living the dream when Covid hit.

Phoenix Rising started out as a small 2nd Wind shop in the Smithfield Crossings, the objective was to raise money to help out someone in need.  (No not me just omitting for privacy!)  

We began to hold donation-based classes, I skateboarded back and forth to Home Depot, stained wood, built walls and taught yoga. It was a labor of love. 


As fate would have it these donation-based classes-built momentum and soon we had a unique community that I couldn't just leave behind.  With my new crew of yogis by my side I forsook my plans to travel to Costa Rica or somewhere tropical and built us a permanent home in the Apple Valley plaza.  The old little gym, as I passed it coming out of Planet Fitness.  

It's been a wild ride, but an amazing one. Full of beautiful people, great vibes, laughs, and adventure.  It has not always been easy but the community we have makes it all worth it.  We celebrate our first Anniversary Oct 31 2022.  I hope that you will join us and take a class, don't overthink it.  We are all regular people that are passionate about life, and can't wait for you to join the crew, sweat with us, and be a part of our framily.

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Phoenix Rising Yoga
Mission Statement

Phoenix Rising is located in the Apple Valley Plaza in Smithfield.  Our yoga studio is proud to serve Johnston, Smithfield, Lincoln, and the local area. It's important I write those towns for SEO :p

Introduce yoga to the local community. 

Yoga is often intimidating to many, Phoenix Rising seeks to bridge the gap between what you see on social media and what is real life.  We focus on getting the most out of each of our members individual practice to suite their unique goals.

Be Approachable to ALL

People of ALL fitness levels can benefit from Yoga or wellness training at our studio.  As a business we strive to incorporate movement methodologies beyond yoga.  Our objective is to have a class that meets everyone where they are and provides them with a platform to grow in strength, confidence, and courage.   

Be true to our roots.

We were born out of the intention of doing good, and we aim to always continue that in our community, even beyond the mat.  We look to be there for one another, our community, and to not shy away from championing a good cause.  "The difference between us and other studios, as I hammered the nails away building the place on 38 hours of no sleep to open on Halloween I wasn't thinking about the bottom line or money.  I was thinking of our people and our community and that they were counting on me." - Vince 

Be Thankful

Appreciate where you are, who you are, and the path you've walked.  It may have been tough, but you are still here, you are able, and you are a part of something.  Take time to feel thankful not only for one another but for your own self.  Be your own biggest fan.

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Your first class is on yours truly, and our 30 for $40 offer is there to set you up for success.  Whether it is here at our studio or wherever your path may take you from here.  So click the button and let's start the adventure today.