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Vincent Brown

Teaches - Power - Vinyasa - Gentle - Restorative

"And we're just going to send it" - Vincent Brown

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Valerie Howe

Teaches - Buti Yoga, Vinyasa, Power

"People want people" - Valerie Howe

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Christina Pirolli

Yoga Medicine 500-hour Therapeutic Specialist Student. Lover of sun and travel 


Jackie Plante

Full time physical therapist, 200 hr YTT, and caretaker to Nalgene.

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Kelly Assad

yoga instructor and reiki master teacher.  Co-owner of Zen Mafia, perpetual student, lover of meditation, music, string lights, and summer nights.

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Sarah Dwyer

300 RYT, & Mindfulness Instructor.

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Shireena Al Gallal

Where the Passion Begins

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