Meet Your Family

"Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results." --Andrew Carnegie


Vincent Brown

Owner of Phoenix Rising, Vince built the studio so we can all do the things we love for longer. With a zest for life, adventure, and general shenanigans Vince believes yoga is the perfect practice to maintain, and increase strength and mobility.  His classes feature creative sequencing, challenging movements and you can expect the unexpected in his classes.

jackie plante.jpg

Jackie Plante

Jackie is deliberate and passionate in her class sequencing.  She teaches candlelight vinyasa, loves craft beer and cats.

Effy Donovan-06_1080_edited.jpg

Effy Donovan

Effy teaches Merge and Buti Yoga.  Her unique background in dance resonates in her classes. When she isn't teaching you can likely find her at Plant City.

Valerie Howe.jpg

Valerie Howe

When it comes to Buti Yoga, Val is one of the best around.  Her love of movement and passion makes her classes some of the most fiery and fun ones you'll come across.  

Her favorite animal is the Spider monkey.


Katarina Darosa

Katarina likes to keep her classes simple and straightforward.  This doesn't mean they aren't challenging.  The tempo makes her style a favorite for newcomers and experienced practitioners alike.

christina pirolli.jpg

Christina Pirolli

Chrissy champions the healthy aging classes, focusing on building and maintaining functional range of motion.  Outside of that class you can catch her for SPA yoga. For that monthly reset.  


Patrick Crowley

Patrick is equal parts humble and badass.  He has a very strong practice himself but is a great teacher you can learn to progress with.  


Katie Woo Vincent

Katie Woo is a bulldog and we love her.  Her classes are tough but she gets us through it.  If you want to build true core strength build your control using primarily bodyweight exercises she is your girl.  Join the crew as we sweat, laugh, cry, and complain together before coming back for more the next week!